Dr Aviva Capelluto


Aviva graduated from Wits in 2002 with MBBch and then went on to obtain a FC Psych (SA) qualification at Wits University in 2009.

She ran the psychiatry ward at the Johannesburg Hospital from 2010 to 2014 and at the same time  managing  an acute psychiatric ward at the Folateng Hospital dealing with psychiatric emergencies, as well as treating patients with co-morbid medical conditions in the ICU.

Aviva focuses on  holistic and multidisciplinary mental health care and treatment of patients of all ages, starting from age 5 years to the elderly. She treats a wide variety of conditions including ADHD, anxiety disorders, OCD, social phobias, depression, bipolar disorder, mood disorders secondary to temporal lobe epilepsy, psychotic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, dementias, and any mental health problems secondary to medical conditions.



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