Chantel Kassuto 2

Chantal Kassuto


Chantal Kassuto obtained her BA. Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (with distinction), and Masters in Audiology at the University of the Witwatersrand. She completed her community service year at Tambo Memorial Hospital. Chantal was awarded the Golden Key award in all her years of studying, Myrtle Aron Award for the best community project, Medifix Audiology Award for best academic record in Audiology as well as the AB Clemons award for her research presentation.

She has presented her research at the ENT/SASLHA/SAAA Conference, and subsequently was awarded the Post-Graduate Merit Award for academic excellence which allowed her to continue her research as a masters student.

Chantal’s Masters degree focused on classroom acoustics. By working with acoustic engineers and architects, Chantal found a low-cost yet effective method to acoustically treat existing classrooms to improve the learning and teaching environments of South African classrooms.

Chantal has been trained by the popular hearing aid companies in Johannesburg making her skilled with the latest technology to manage hearing loss. Chantal is passionate about Audiology and puts emphasis on an empathetic and holistic approach to assisting clients. She has an innate ability to work with patients of all ages.

Her services include diagnostic hearing assessment & management, ototoxicity monitoring and management, home-based services, corporate audiology, new-born hearing screening, school screenings and wellness events.






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